Our Rising Stars initiative initially began as an award and, over the years, has developed into an organized program that recognizes an elite group of Houstonians who have contributed to civic life and are poised to do much more.

Through this program, we offer a year of training and volunteer opportunities for these selected leaders of all ages to share their talents and expand their reach as champions of civic engagement. Participants attend a series of monthly class sessions that range from meeting with leaders of active political parties in Houston to learning how to become a VDVR and participating in naturalization ceremonies.

With opportunities to participate in phone banking during the election, work on the Conversations with Candidates and engage at polling locations—we want to help our Rising Stars uncover what aspect of civic engagement they have the greatest affinity for and give them the tools they need to help our community do great things.


Apply to be a 2023-24 LWV-Houston Rising Star

The 2023-24 cohort of the Rising Stars will take place between September 2023 and August 2024. It welcomes participants across the Houston area to engage with other civic-minded individuals and complete projects to benefit the community.


The Criminal Justice project aims to bring awareness to 1) lack of access to social programing, 2) disadvantages in the labor market that a person who has been released from incarceration endures and 2) how that then relates to their development of becoming an active participant in democracy. We will focus on providing former incarcerated individuals with education and resources on housing, employment, and voting in Harris County. Voting is a fundamental constitutional right and by supporting the reintegration of an individual we can increase participation in government, community, and democracy.
A key component of climate change that impacts many in Harris County is flooding of the coast, bayou, and developed areas. As such, the Environmental Justice team of the 2021 Rising Stars Program will focus on Harris County’s water management issues, particularly concerning flood mitigation programs but extending to other topics (i.e. conservation, pollution) as time permits. We plan to identify key elected government officials and groups who drive decisions concerning water management and to clarify the standard and often public processes involved. We will influence near-term decisions where possible and will organize and share this information so that Harris County residents can be informed and engaged citizens. Through our efforts in Harris County, we will promote the advocacy positions of the League of Women Voters of Texas regarding water management, climate change, and voting rights.
The Housing-Insecurity project aims to address the displacement and relocation of the housing-insecure as a result of local nuisance ordinances that do not counteract the impact of said displacement and relocation on the public safety and welfare of housing-insecure individuals. We will accomplish this by working with advocates, stakeholders, and local lawmakers to advocate for a corporate social responsibility agreement within current economic development vehicles as a way to address corporate liability for housing insecurity within Houston’s business districts.


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Katherine Culbert testifies at Harris County Commissioners Court, June 29, 2021, explaining the League position in favor of establishing a County Administrator. The measure was adopted.